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Come and see behind the scenes at Missing Link Brewery!
From the Grain store to the final packaging of the beer we will show you all the processes, ingredients and equipment we use to produce our fantastic brews.
During the tour you will get to taste some samples, get to grips with some of the ingredients and hops we use and be the first to know what we have got in the tanks before anyone else.
Finally off to the taproom for a flight of three 1/3rds of a pint of your choice from our 10 taps.



Do you need to be 18?

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As beer is being sampled, we can only allow those over the age of 18. Children that cannot be left unaccompanied can attend at no charge but must be kept under close supervision at all times. Very young children can be taken onto the tour as long as they are carried by a parent. Please do let us know beforehand if this is the case!

How long does the tour take?

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Each tour lasts around 75 minutes.

Can you cancel a tour you have booked?

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If you email we can take you off a tour you have booked and re-book you on another date. To make things easier please try and have an alternative date in mind when you email us.

Please be aware, we may be unable to cancel bookings within 7 days of the tours you are booked onto but we'll see what we can do.

On the tour day...

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EventBrite sends you QR coded tickets. We can scan emails on phones, printed out or on the EventBrite app. We'll also have a list of people booked on if you forget - no drama.

When to arrive...

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your tour to allow everyone to get settled before heading off!

Can I book a table afterwards?

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Yes, but please book this at the same time as booking your tour. We cannot always guarantee there will be space for everyone unless you book a table.


  • The brewery is a working brewery please be mindful of your surroundings at all times.
  • Appropriate closed-toe footwear must be worn to be accepted onto the tour (no flip flops or high heels) -it's for your safety!
  • Please don't touch any of the machinery some of it can be hot!
  • You will be given a red hi-vis vest for you visit onto the brewery floor. Please keep this on at all times!
  • Anyone who we deem to be intoxicated will be refused entry to the tour. In the event of this, no refunds will be given.
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