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Being based on 360 acres of farm and woodland in Sussex makes us acutely aware of the effects of climate change and the effects our production of craft beers can potentially have. We do all we can to be as eco friendly as possible and to offset the carbon emissions we do make by working in symbiosis with the farm.

There are many re wilding projects going on here but the one that we are most involved in is the tree planting project. Ross, the full time ecologist here at Chiddinglye is carefully curating the project to ensure that the correct trees are planted in the environment that best ensures they will not only survive but thrive and support the eco system surrounding them. Many of the saplings will be replacing the thousands of trees lost here in the ’87 storm and we are most excited about the re planting of Great Oaks to replace those lost in the parkland area of the estate. These will be visible from the beer garden and footpaths so you will be able to see their progress.

Solar panels on the roof of the brewery provide a substantial amount of our power and Chiddinglye is home to 30 acres of solar farm that feeds the national grid. All our hot water and heating is provided by a wood chip boiler fed by wood produced on the farm from timber bought in by local tree surgeons and from coppicing the woodland here.

Waste yeast and hops are composted to be put back on the land as natural fertilisers to be used both by the farm and by The Garden Army a care farm based here in the old Kitchen Gardens. Do visit their website to find out more about them. Anything else that would usually go down the drain and into the national system here goes into our own Klargester where pollutants are digested by a naturally formed bacterial colony before being filtered through two reed beds.

Spent grains go to a beef farm in the next village as feed, we get beautiful beef in return that becomes pies at our famous Tap Room Pie Nights so you can enjoy eating our eco credentials as well as watching them grow! 

Missing Link Microbrewery and its expansion were part funded by the Central Sussex LEADER Local Action Group


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